Yuka Kuramochi 倉持由香


Yuka Kuramochi

Date of Birth: November 6, 1991 
Size: T167 · B84 · W58 · H100 
blood type: B type 
Hometown: Chiba Prefecture 
Hobbies: Manga Kissa amulet, cooking, eating walking (ramen curry) 
Specialty: draw a picture thing, making the game with a foot (Super Mario), blog

(C) E-Net Frontier (C) Mitsuru tea




(C)イーネット・フロンティア (C)満茶

September 25, the latest image DVD of Yuka Kuramochi of gravure idol “compliant Motchi breeding diary” was released from E-Net Frontier.

Latest image DVD of ass craftsman “Kuramochi Yuka” that Noboritsume the inborn charm and H100cm hip to stretch popular Gravure weapon!

Following the “Kuramochi nice ass”, which was released last year, hired “Ushijima good meat” of charisma cosplayers costumes produce Thailand, Nagano, obscene that was challenged in order to reach the far exceeds SEXY express previous work on location in Tokyo many situations!

Whatever Katsumoku to 107 minutes of extremist scene after another that utilize the no exposure and unprocessed until now! !